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I love Chelsea!  She was spot on with the connection without me telling her any previous information about myself or my family!  I was amazed and astounded by her intuition!

I felt really grounded and connected to my spirit after the reading. I look forward to getting another reading soon. Thank you. 

Jo B.  

Long Beach, CA

Chelsea Is one of the best at what she does. She makes you feel completely comfortable & very relaxed. Everytime I come to her to get whatever stress is on my mind I always feel as if a huge weight have been lifted off my shoulders. She is amazing, I highly recommend seeing her.

Sydney O.

Huntington Beach, CA

I have had the honor to have many readings and healings from Chelsea. She really is one of a kind! Chelsea can easily pick up the root causes of various illnesness as well as helping me to find balance in many situations. She has a warmth and genuiness that makes you feel so comfortable. I always enjoy our sessions together and would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on any issue in their life. 

Jennifer C.


Chelsea gave me my first reading with her in Spring 2016. She began the session by tuning into her guides and my guides. Chelsea is a very warm, gentle, intuitive soul with an extremely high degree of empathy. I would recommend her to my most trusted clients. She began her reading by asking a question then receiving a color. After she receives a color she asks for more information on the situation. The information she received for me was in-depth and accurate. Chelsea is highly clairvoyant. The visions and messages she receives have helped me immensely. I have had readings with Chelsea about health, life purpose, relationships and past lives.

            What I love best about Chelsea’s work is she has many modalities to draw from. She is a reiki master, a clairvoyant, a channel, a card reader, a medical intuitive and a priestess. I have been reading and teaching professionally since 1990 and I highly recommend Chelsea. I love her knowledge of crystals and the bracelets and prayer beads she makes complement her work nicely. The beads are infused with love

Chelsea is a gifted gentle healer and if you have been through any trauma, or have relationship, soul purpose, life purpose questions or are in search of a holistic healer, you will be in good hands if you book a session with Chelsea. Chelsea truly walks her talk and is a gifted musician, healer, artist, in touch with nature and the natural forces and is a gentle, wise healer. She can talk to angels, spirit animals, ascended masters, people on the other side, star beings, goddesses and other magical beings from different realms.

            Since summer 2014 I have had the privilege of knowing Chelsea and she continues to hone her craft and walk her talk. Chelsea is one of the kindest most ethical people I have ever met. Everything she makes is infused with divine love and getting a bracelet after a reading or reiki session is a lovely touch and helps continue the healing after your session. I treasure the crystal jewelry I have from Chelsea. I highly recommend her!          

Catherine Wishart

Catherine Wishart


Teen Goddess

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