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Birth chart Reading

Massage Therapy

90 min  /   $135

60 min/    $85

Choose between a variety of nourishing massage techniques such as Swedish, Therapeutic, and deep tissue with myofascial release and trigger point therapies.   Add ons available for deeper relaxation and healing include Reiki, cupping, CBD and essential oils.  

60 and 90 minute sessions available as well as in home services.

Prenatal available as well.  

$100 per hour when traveling or prenatal. 

Relationship Reading

Intuitive Readings

60 min  /   $155

30 min/    $75

Chelsea is able to see clairvoyantly what is out of alignment, what is the cause for dis-ease or blocks in the energetic and physical body in the form of colors, symbols and messages from Spirit. Chelsea tunes into angels, guides and ancestors including loved ones that have passed and is able to communicate with the Soul and all that is.  She is able to see what the Soul is longing for, what is needed for healing and is able to relay what is ready to be brought into one's life for the greatest good. 

yearly Transit Reading

Reiki & Sound Healing

60 min  /   $155

30 min/    $75

Reiki is guided Source energy specific to healing. This high frequency Eastern healing technique originated in Japan by Master Mikao Usui.  Reiki helps to break up blocked energy in the aura and physical body.  This allows the energy to flow naturally which in turn increases vitality, allowing the body to better heal itself in its natural state.  In addition to Reiki, sound vibrational healing is included in this treatment with the powerful, yet subtle rhythms of the Tibetan singing bowls.  Chelsea is a Usui Reiki Master and mixes all modalities of energy work into her session.  She is a trained Medical Intuitive, specializing in Soul communication.  In-person sessions located in Huntington Beach, CA.  Distant session are available.  

Session Inquiries

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