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Medical Intuitive Diaries: Reading the Energy of a Knee Injury

I am a Medical Intuitive. Everything is energy and energy is everything. For two years, I studied how to read energy and heal it. It was not something that came naturally to me. It might have when I was very young, but I did not grow up in an environment that nurtured that. Christianity, as it is presented in current organized religion, teaches that "God" is an entity separate from the Self, the Holy Ghost is something that visits us on occasion if we are worthy and that we must pray and follow the rules in order to connect with these beings. In learning about energy, I discovered and learned through practice, that we are all made of energy. The Source of energy is within us, a part of us, is us. We are more powerful in every way than what we have been lead to believe. We have the power to heal ourselves in conjunction with the Divine which is a part of us.

The way I tune into energy is by using tools I have been taught and some I came up with on my own. You don't needtools and some people connect with Universal Consciousness/God/Source/their higher self in more simple ways. For me, I use my tools. I live in a chaotic and beautiful world, with a lot of noises and distractions including, but not limited to, raising two children, social media, a stressful work environment, driving in a car, cement sidewalks, packed houses and much more. All of which can keep me distracted from the connection with my Self. To truly hear and connect with my Self or Soul, I quiet my mind, slow my breath, ground. When I read energy, I do all of these things and I ask my guides, guardian angels and Archangels to step in as well as Universal Consciousness (AKA God energy). Then, the communication begins. The connection is always there, it is just a matter of clearing the path to it.

The past couple years, I have slowed down. My body has been tired. It has been a time of contemplation, healing, discovery and growth. This has come after being a mother for 12 years where I put my preverbal Self on the shelf. Twelve long years of providing for and deeply loving my family while neglecting my Self. As my children have gotten more independent, I have slowly began to tune into the healing energies of my Self even though I have a long ways to go. Now, if I give an ounce too much, I can feel it almost immediately. I do believe everything happens for a reason and this sensitivity to energy has allowed me time and space to tune-in. I have learned to meditate which has allowed me to awaken to the subtle energetic body. It has given me time to study Reiki, Tarot and oracle card reading, learning about the energetic healing properties of crystals and gems, singing bowl and vibrational healing and so many things I would have never done had I not been restful.

Two days ago I was running on the beach and my knee started to give out, out of the blue. As a Medical Intuitive, I know that there is energy behind everything. I decided when I got back to my starting point, I would give myself a reading and healing. I cleared my energy, and connected with my guides and angels, to Source and asked to see the energetic cause of my knee pain. I saw the color red and a vision of myself pulling a fibrous red rope apart in two different directions. I could feel one end of the rope connected to the material world and one end connected to my Soul. I knew exactly what it was about. I am currently in time of transition. I work at a job I don't love, but I do love how it allows me to be a mom and have enough money to be comfortable. It is not spiritually or creatively satisfying. It is not a dream job and I need to make more money to pay off debt and to travel. I have a van I can sell and I can go back to work full time in a field I am qualified to work in, but it would be digressing. I have had the urge to jump back in, sell the van and give-up on the quest to create a more fulfilling career in the healing arts. I put one foot forward and then step back. This created blocked energy in my knee. In Chinese Medicine it is called Chi.

After I saw the cause, I switched gears and asked to see the healing energy. I saw it this time as a light pink color. I saw myself sitting in meditation with an energy of being KIND to myself. Instead of feeling like jumping into something out of fear, to tune-in, slow down, ask my guides for help. Ask them to help me find the best solution. As I breathed in the healing pink energy, Christ began to appear. I handed over the weight of my debt. I continued to do this three separate times until it felt it had lifted. As I walked away from the beach, my knee felt so much better and I felt light.

Growing up in an organized Christian religion and then leaving it as a young adult, it took me a long time to be open to the energy of Christ. I now call it Christ Consciousness. It is a little different than the energy of Christ I read about as a child. When Christ has come to me as a healer in my meditations, it has been in cases of forgiveness or when I have needed to have a burden lifted. I guess the subject of Christ Consciousness needs an entire blog post for itself.

I hope the story of my knee healing has brought some insight to any issues you are facing. If you have an area of life where you feel blocked and you would like to know what is needed for healing, please contact me for an energy reading and healing. You might be surprised what comes up.


Love and Light.


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